We are also called to work overseeing and operating childrens’ homes which is full-time work in itself. While we are on staff with both CPC and CHF, the income we receive from them is 100% donor-funded so without your support we cannot continue in our ministry work. Both organizations maintain their own separate and dedicated pool of donor funds just for our use, paid directly into our bank account each month while we live overseas.

Below are three ways you can donate and become a supporter. To read more about our involvement in missions work over the years, including an FAQ page, click here.

Donate To Our Compassionate Hope Fund:

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  • These donations are not tax deductible for you, but offer a fast and convenient method to send quick one-time donations.
  • Our use of these donations are also carefully documented, but provide us with more options in how they can be used and are simpler for us to access.
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